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Tension measurement without touching with Digiforce.

Digiforce is a newly launched portable instrument designed and built by Applied Measurements and TMS Systems which uses a completely different measuring technique to monitor tension in wires, strands, cables or rods, without making contact.

Tension in cables, rods, etc. has conventionally been measured using in-line load cells. Now with Digiforce, tension can be measured simply by pointing the instrument at the cable or rod, inputting some basic information on the keypad and then reading the value from the digital display.

Digiforce works on the principle that when a tensioned member anchored at two points is struck, it will vibrate at a frequency related to its tensile stress. Just like the string of a violin. The distance between the two anchor points and the weight per metre (taken from standard tables supplied) of the member is entered into the membrane keypad. The member is then struck and Digiforce held in close proximity to monitor the oscillation.

The software programme within the Digiforce then calculates the tension in engineering units to an accuracy of better than 1%, which is displayed digitally on the screen.

With its portability and battery operation, Digiforce will suit many applications where quick and easy tension measurement is needed such as in pre-stressed concrete fabrication, elevators, cranes, power lines, aerial and mast support stays, mining and drilling. It will equally save time and money in the areas of yachting, mooring, winching, etc.

It is supplied with a robust carrying case which also houses all the necessary accessories.

For further information contact Applied Measurements

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