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Gravity compensated fish scale uses digital technology

15 years ago Nesco Weighing’s close relationship and commitment to the fishing industry brought about the introduction of the “Fishway” Mechanical on Board Weighing Machine.

Today whilst still in manufacture and just as popular, improving catch quality as always, Nesco Weighing Ltd has brought another innovative idea to the industry.

The “Wavecheetah” Electronic on Board Weighing System was conceived in 1997 and has undergone several makeovers since the first units were sold. These additions came about through Nesco’s willingness to provide the industry with the software requirements of their choice. Many of the adaptations were made with the assistance of leading Scottish skippers Peter Smith and his vessel “Victory”, and Robert Mitchell and the Mizpah. The result of all this hard work is the Wavecheetah box labeling and ticketing system.

The system boasts what Nesco believes to be the only, purely digital technology on board machine. Nesco’s electronics allow the Wavecheetah to link to a PC which runs the vessel management system, available from Upstream Marine Systems. From here the information gathered from the Wavecheetah on a haul by haul basis is capable of being stored, or sent via a satellite encrypted, to the boats agents, or direct into an electronic auction catalogue before the fish is landed. Upstream Marine Systems and Nesco Weighing have now proved this system and with the help of the crew of the Mizpah and the Sea Fish Industry Authority have established a reliable track record. Alternatively without requiring a PC the information can be sent to a report printer mounted in the wheelhouse, to produce several types of report giving the skipper valuable information as to the effectiveness of the haul, total of species and grade per haul, when caught etc. This information can assist in deciding whether to move on, go home, or stay put.

The system also produces waterproof tickets, which can be placed in or stuck onto fish boxes in the fishroom, containing all necessary information such as boat name, registration, species, grade, time caught, date caught, nett weight, box number and a bar code containing all the above readable by scanner on landing. The whole system is housed in a stainless steel enclosure with a stainless steel stand, and is locked down to the fishroom floor for security.

Another feature of the Wavecheetah design is the ability to re-calibrate and change the weighing division without the use of weights at sea. This feature enables the user to obtain the best possible accuracy from the machine in all conditions. The user functions are simple to operate and changing fish codes etc could not be simpler.

Power supply is optional, as indeed is the size of platform and features required. Wavecheetah is available as a stand alone unit for basic weighing, as a report software system or the above box labeling system.

Nesco Weighing believes that with the current trend toward quality and electronic auctions, the Wavecheetah is the solution for those wishing to take part. Competitively priced with a quality back up service, the Wavecheetah is the way forward for the best prices and best quality when weighing at Sea.

Further information www.nesco-weighing.co.uk

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