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Crane Scales

These type of scales are used extensively in industrial manufacturing especially heavy engineering. They provide a convenient way of weighing goods for inventory control, vehicle loading and commercial transactions. If a product being moved by a crane needs to be weighed , then it makes sense to incorporate a scale in the crane lifting mechanism to save unnecessary handling of the product.

Crane scales fall into two categories;

1. Stand alone compact scales which are usually fitted to the lifting hook on the crane.
2. Cranes which have load cells or force transducers designed into some part of the mechanism (often the pulley in the jib of the crane)

The load data from crane scales may either be used for weighing goods or for preventing cranes from tipping over under adverse loading conditions.

Stand alone scales use one or more load cells connected to the upper and lower hooks or eyes. They are designed so that in the event of load cell mechanical failure the integrity of scale is not compromised.

Most modern electronic scales can be operated remotely by infra red or radio control links. These can be used to operate such functions as zero and tare. Remote displays, computer links and printers can also be operated via the links making weighing operations easier and more efficient.