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A Guide to the Specification and Procurement of Industrial Process Weighing Systems

This guide has been prepared by the UK's Institute of Measurement and Control and establishes a uniform guide to specifying industrial process weighing systems with the exception of continuous weighing systems such as belt weighers and dynamic weighing systems such as in-motion weighers.

It gives recognition to the need for a comprehensive and authoritative document for identifying the influence quantities which affect the various elements of the total weighing system and specifying the requirements in a formal and structured manner.

A number of standardized checklists and forms are included to provide an efficient communication method for the user and the provider in specifying these systems.

The document is an invaluable guide for the technical personnel and organizations engaged in specifying industrial process weighing systems as well as those organizations supplying the weighing system.

Document PDF download. This file is quite large (1.5mb) but is well worth the wait!