A new era in Weighbridge technology.


Weightron Bilanciai presents the EuroDeck SBP/M: Delivering all that you would expect from EuropeŐs largest Weighbridge manufacturer.

The EuroDeck series of modular weighbridges represent a new force in weighbridge design. Distinguished by their compact dimensions and digital load cell technology, the EuroDeck series offers strength and versatility unlike any weighbridge before it. The EuroDeck is available with Steel or reinforced concrete platforms and can be installed either in a pit or on the surface. With a fully electric welded structure, EuroDeck weighbridges are designed to withstand very high concentrated loads. The unique EuroDeck design utilises 10 400 kg of steel to construct 9 closely spaced structural beams supporting a 10 mm deck. This structure allows a deflection of only 7 mm when weighing a 40 000 kg load.

The EuroDeck is also fitted with revolutionary CPD digital load cells are IP68 rated, made entirely in stainless steel and EC approved to 6000 divisions. The CPD design allows for the removal of load cells from the EuroDeck without need to re-run cables. When the EuroDeck is used in conjunction with a Dialogic Weight display terminal, long distance maintenance via modem connection known as TeleTM maintenance is made possible. This innovative software significantly reduces service time and costs as faults can be identified without a site visit. Once the problem is known the engineer need only make a single journey with the necessary parts for repair. The EuroDeck is to be officially launched at this yearŐs Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham. If you require any further information regarding this or any Weightron Bilanciai products please visit our stand, number 407. Alternatively contact Ray Catt or Brendan Carroll at our Chesterfield office: 01246 260062.

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