New retrofit weighing system can be fitted to concrete silos

AV Technology Ltd of Stockport, have developed a unique retro-fit silo weighing system for inventory control applications. However, unlike many 'black-box' equipment suppliers, AVT offer a complete installation, commissioning and calibration service, leaving clients with fully working systems after typically 2 days site work per silo.

Adapted for both steel and concrete silos, with options for all leg and skirt supports, AVT's "Silo-Weigh" system uses specially developed 'low-strain' techniques to accurately measure strain levels in existing silo supports, requiring no structural modifications or plant shutdown.

Monitoring options include:

Digital readouts

Electrical signals

Remote monitoring via modem

In addition to normal purchase options, the system may be obtained on a fully maintained contract hire basis, with other options to hire before purchase and for system evaluation.

For further information, phone Neil Parkinson on 0161 491 2222 or e-mail avt.np@ukonline.co.uk.

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